Friday, July 25, 2008

"We Come in Peace, and in Spandex Uniforms..."

My good friends, Scott and Vicky, who always visit the table when dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman and/or Catwoman, made their debut as part of a landing team from classic Star Trek. Not only is this my favorite Sci-Fi show of all time, they had the look down! Scott was Capt. Kirk and Vicky was Lt. Sebring. They had a Dr. McCoy and a Mr. Spock. I "geeked" out to the fullest extent possible and then later confided to my wife that I wanted to be a member of the team next year. Being a wonderful gal, she fully supports me in this wish. Vicky handmade all their uniform tops and her attention to detail was great. (I can't decide whether I want to be a yellow or a red shirt). They had phasers and Dr. McCoy even had his medical scanner, which detected I was tired and ravenously hungry. (Little do they know, I already have my own phaser at home which I can dust off for next year).
I warned you, it is my absolute favorite TV show of all time.
I met Scott and Vicky through the 66 Bat Board ( which is a chat room devoted to the '66 Batman TV series. They have been coming to the Con for several years and they always dress up, usually multiple characters each trip. This time I was visited by Jennifer & Ruby in their excellent 66 Batman & Batgirl Costumes.
Jennifer picked up some more Batgirl Chest emblems from me to keep her going for all of her Batgirl appearances at other cons. Ruby & Jenn have quite a few other costumes and you can check them out here ( I am also a huge fan of the 66 Batman TV show, as most of you can tell by my original interpretations of the 66 Batmobile on display at my table and the art show upstairs.

Our special guest featured at the table today is Ms. Katie W., another close associate of the proprietress of Click Chick. She is a huge fan of The Office and is looking forward to tomorrow's Office panel.

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