Monday, April 22, 2013

Parkway Bar's Spring Artfest

*4/20 @ 8PM Spring Artfest at Parkway Bar, 9188 Fletcher Parkway, La Mesa, 91942

Here's Dan at Spring Artfest.  He looks pretty happy, I think it has a lot to do with being able to sketch and drink beer.

The mermaids and Gillyne made it out that night.

And Billy did live art.

Rokbot, the Batmobile, a Tiki and a Zero all came out to be admired.

The artist hard at work?  Or hardly working?  You decide.

A finished sketch card for Mike, a new friend.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Anime Conji- first time as Exhibitors

2013 AnimeConji: 4/12-4/14, Town & Country Resort Convention Center

Dan smiling at all the "leg room"

In 2012, we attended Anime Conji as guests, this year DBG went as exhibitors.  CosPlay is a huge part of this event as you can see.


Ed & Friend

We ate lunch outside and were entertained by all the original costumes like the 3 girls above.  Although smaller than some conventions, it's nice to meet and talk to a lot of the artisans and find great deals on original art, jewelry and clothing.

Dan's friend and fellow artist, Omid Maksoos, exhibited as well at this year's Conji.  And my parents came to check us out.

If you're into Anime, this is the place to come.  Role playing, CosPlay after-hours events completed the weekend.