Saturday, August 28, 2010

SD Art Department: "Bots and Babes"

Dan along side his vinyl window creations for the exhibit at SDAD

Rockets announcing each artist

the Mermaid panel...

Lobby signage for the show

Dan's Bots & Babes, 23 in all

Flying Saucer Artist tags inside courtesy of Dan

Matt and Elizabeth

Alex's Robot

Liz, Matt & Marissa with Billy's art in background

On the right we have Aunt Carol and my Mom

The artist and Val

Matt and my Parents

Amy, Marissa and Liz

Aunt Carol

The "Bots and Babes" exhibit opened last Saturday night and was a huge success. Everyone oohed and ahhed at Dan's vinyl creations that danced along the window panes, greeting everyone as they entered the exhibit.
Billy and Alex painted in opposite corners and the crowd was happily entertained.
Family and friends gave us a lot of support to which we are deeply grateful.
Aforementioned family and friends then dined on Italian around the corner from SDAD.
Come by and check it out. The closing reception is September 11th, during "Ray at Night", from 6-10 PM.

Quote about "Bots & Babes" from San Diego City Beat: "Martinez will show work from his Girls series, Chiu will share his dreamy robot worlds and Bois will exhibit his pop-culture imagery."

San Diego Art Department
3830 Ray Street