Friday, April 15, 2011

Dan Art Doing Well at The Mission

Dan hung art at The Mission right after Rolando Street Fair ended this year. In case you've never been, The Mission boasts the very best rosemary potatoes you will ever eat. It is always packed and now Dan's art is hanging up for all to enjoy.
"Lava Larry" and "Sydney and Seymour" have already went to new homes.
The Mission*North Park
2801 University Ave. SD 92104. 220-8992. Open daily 7am-3pm

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rolando Street Fair, Part 4

This year's local, home-grown street fair was blessed with no rain. Yeah! This is important to us artist-types whose wares suffer from unexpected moisture. As usual, Boba-meister, Pug-de-irrestible (or terrible depending on who you talk to), made a signing appearance. Strangely, no one asked for his autograph.
Both awesome Val(s) came with kids in tow. Thanks Val(s)! Cal and Jessica and Liz all came by to say Hi. (And they were hungry and we had food).
Bonus! We avoided the land of cactus once more thereby earning 20 bonus points.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hanging with Dave at Marcella's...

Dan was very excited to have his robot troupe and spaceships hover at Marcella June's Coffee Shop this month. Proprietor, Dave, is a friendly host and master barista. Dave's coffee shop pays tribute in name to his lovely mom, Marcella, who will actually come out some time this year to christian his friendly abode.
Many locals walk in daily to this hidden jewel and get their caffeine fix or pastry indulgence. Dan is partial to the unique red tea lattes. No "fast food, hand over your money' vibe here. You will most likely have to remind Dave to settle your account as he will be busy chatting someone up on the comfy couch.
Dan's space art looks awesome amongst Dave's custom restored lighting fixtures. A homey glow is cast over all that enter... Hurry in!
Marcella June's Coffee Shop, 8513 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942, 619-564-4703.