Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rolando Street Fair 2013

No Rain.  I repeat, no rain.  Not a cloud in the sky.  This event is notorious for foul weather and subsequent foul moods.  2012's event ended with tents blowing down the street as wind gusts and rain closed out the show early.  Not this year my friend.  Gorgeous weather and wonderful sales for DBG.

Billy Martinez of Neko Press was with us this year doing live art.

Everyone had a great time.  Family and friends and dogs all came by to say hello.  For awhile 2 pugs parked their wagon in our shade.

Boba, our pug, usually makes an appearance but not this time.  Boba is Billy's first son, fur son that is.  We adopted Boba from Billy when he started going through the difficult teenage years.

We tried out our new t-shirt display rack and it worked great.  Dan worked on sketch cards in between sales.

Oliver, Sammy, Yvonne, Sherm, Sofia, Sydney, Mario, Sara's mom and sister, Emma, Marissa, and Robin; thanks for lending your support.
"The back side of art"