Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday-1st Official Day of the Con

Well, we are back. A little bleary-eyed but we're here. It took awhile to get out of the parking garage last night so we didn't get to bed until after midnight and up at 5:00 to get a parking spot today. Getting a hotel room sounds better each morning!
After setup I was able to go around and visit friends from the Drawingboard ( Before the Con is over, I will return and buy all their great sketch books as soon as our table is visited by old and new fans alike to replenish the DRB coffers which are low on day 1.
Shawn from the 66Batman board( came by to pick up some 1966 style bat chest emblems I had made for his Nephew & Brother who were costuming as 66Batman & Robin. The Bat Family looked awesome and they had a blast at the con(check here for a full story with lots of pics!) (
I had to run upstairs to the Art Show and hang "The Witches of Danville" really quick. It was one of the items forgotten in the melee yesterday as we loaded both cars. This piece is popular because it features three of my original witches in a 3 foot vertical or horizontal frame (whatever mood we're in), along with assorted spells and witch "shopping lists". I always think it will do well at the La Mesa Oktoberfest ( when we exhibit there due to the time of year, but it actually moves better at the Con.
We have a very nice guest at the table today, Matthew W., who is offering his assistance at the Click Chick end of the table. He is a close associate of the proprietress, Elizabeth.

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