Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last day of the Con 7/25

Filming in progress...

Signage keeping the public away

This is where Dan was interviewed/had makeup applied/and was photographed for a movie

Dan and his G, "O. P."

Me and my transformer

Optimus strikes a pose outside the Marriott

Spaceman from Planet Troma

Our great booth neighbor, Louie Del Carmen

Teri and Bob as Black Canary and Dr. Who

Pat and Amy

We bid adieu until next year. Thanks to all DBG's fans, new and old. Congratulations to all the giveaway winners this year! It was fun to have Pat and Amy come by and see what all the fuss is about every July.
Dan and I were on our own, both kids at work. We walked over to the Marriott before the Con opened and I shot photos of where he was photographed for the documentary. Optimus stopped us on our way back to the Con.
Breakdown was the longest ever with just the 2 of us. Hours.... did I mention it took hours?
Congratulations to the winner of the "Pig and Lolli Prize Package" (not pictured because she had already left the Con) Jaclyn Kimble.
See you next year!

Comic Con 7/24 Saturday



A bunch of Harley's (note Doctor version in center)

Harley's joined by PI's and Jokers

The artist and the happy messenger bag owner

Greg, Marissa and Dan

The Queen of Hearts

Zorro (Scott), Cat Nun (Vicki), Mary (Terri), Shazam (Bob)

Wonder Women

Tinkerbell and Jasmine

the proud owner of our "Pigs are Friends not Food" tote

Rokbot Prize Package Winner: David Breaux

Lila and Zap Brannigan in the flesh

Dan had a lot of fun today. He did an original commissioned "Rokbot" on a fan's messenger bag. Not only did he pull that off, he did it alone (running the booth and drawing, because I had gone upstairs to listen to author China Mieville's panel) on a Saturday, one of the busiest days of the con.
This was also the day a producer from Go Gamma Gamma, Nickelodeon Jr fame, came by, bought some art and gave Dan his business card and mentioned they have a segment on featured artists they may contact him about.
We had Marissa and her boyfriend Greg with us as well, rounding out our merry group. Pasta later and "watch out for that stop sign Aunt Wendy!"

Comic Con 7/23 Friday

Bob and Teri

Mermaid Prize Package Winner: Elsa Chavez

Brisk table sales

Cal, Liz and Dan (probably near end of day)

Behind-the-scenes Calvin doodles (nut doesn't fall too far from the tree)

This was the day that Calvin got to come. Now that both kids are working class heroes like the rest of us, it is more difficult for them to spend a day at the Con.
Dan's friends, Bob and Teri, came by the booth dressed as Shazam and Mary Marvel and sales were brisk.

Comic Con Thurs 7/22 aka Star Trek Day

Star Trek Fleet Officer Dan and Wendy (modeling Ninja shirt)

Liz, Dan, Marissa

You have to refuel, even in space

My mom and Dad, Sherm and Vonnie, with Officer Dan

Teri, Bob and Dan

Winner of the "the Crime Fighter Special": James Sorenson

Gotta love the Evil Queen

Dan's second year getting to dress up as an infamous "red shirt". He had even more fun this year, if that's possible. There was a staged "scuffle" in the upper deck of the con with some rascaly Klingons. The fleet officers cleverly dispatched the ruffians because con officials asked the klingons to secure their weapons, whereas our group's phasers were untethered. Ha! Unfortunately Dan, being the token red shirt, was zapped in the fray.
To add to the fun, a film crew was at the con filming a documentary, "Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's New Hope" by Morgan Spurlock ("Supersize Me" fame) on the con and it's inhabitants. Our group of fearless heros were escorted over to the Marriott to be part of the film. Watch for Dan on the big screen! The Starfleet group also captured their likenesses in 3D at a booth that specializes in 3D photos.
In addition we had our wonderful niece Marissa and my parents come visit us.

SD Int'l Comic Con: Preview Night 2010

Matt and Elizabeth

DBG Booth ready for sales

Wednesday is a long haul. You arrive early to set up your booth and the exhibit hall stays open until 9. Our fantastic helper of the day was Matt, Elizabeth's boyfriend, adopted Bois family member. He helped despite stitches and a knee immobilizer from a soccer mishap.