Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday at the Con

The last day at the Con is always exciting because everyone is ready to buy! We decided Sunday was "Coaster Day" because we sold an amazing amount of my aviation/Fantasy drink coasters. They are priced to go at $5 a set, which includes a hand-made box. It's fun thinking up ways to make your artwork functional as well as fun.
Midway through the day, I went upstairs to check on my art show pieces. It was a good year for the art show as well. I sold 4 pieces and only brought down 5. The art show is how DRB Graphics originally started their presence at the Con since the panel space is relatively cheap. With continued success upstairs, DRB Graphics eventually moved downstairs as well with a table (G-5) in row 900.
This year, all family members had art for sale at the table. Calvin, my son, drew an original sketch of his 64 VW bus and we sold it in button form. Elizabeth, with her Click Chick products, had a very profitable time at the Con as well. Her money earned is going towards her trip to France for Spring '09.
Rokbot t-shirts started flying off the shelves early in the day and we could have sold a bunch of small and mediums if we had had them in stock. Next time! (If you weren't able to get a Rokbot shirt at this year's Con, email me at, subject line-Rokbot, and I will get one to you). Rokbot says, "Thank you Comic Con fans for your continued, fleshy support of me!"
As some of you may know, I am phasing out my clocks. All my aviation clocks have now sold and I am down to 2 Devil Gal clocks which will be on display at Oktoberfest in La Mesa in 3 months.
Overall, the Con experience was what it is every year. A wonderful, rollicking time that beats the snot out of you, but it is well worth it. I had a great time seeing my many Con friends such as Dean Yeagle, Gary Hamm, Alberto Ruiz, Robert A. Kraus of Rak Graphics, I got sketchbooks and prints from Dean Yeagle, William Stout, Mark Schultz, Bruce Timm, Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart, Dave Bullock(who did an amazing Julie Newmar sketch in his book with reference googled on a blackberry! Thanks again Dave). I traded my comic & prints for books and prints from Rick Cortez, Josh Hughes, Matt Pott (all the way up from Tasmania!), Javier Guzman, & shirts with Kevin Dart! Thanks guys!
Remember, DRB Graphics is located in the San Diego Area. You can find DRB Graphics at the La Mesa Oktoberfest in October and the Rolando Street Fair in March. We share booth space with Billy Martinez of Neko Press.

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