Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday: Day 4, We are ALIVE!

Hi All!
Tired has taken on a new meaning. But it's only 1 glorious week a year and so we plunge on! (As living proof as to how much I love the Con and start missing it as soon as it is over-My daughter who is also a budding photographer, gave me a wonderful Christmas present last year. She had made a collage of several Comic Con photos from 2007 and entitled it, "Dad's Christmas").
I want to thank all my friends, co-workers and fellow art students, & Drawing board members who have visited my table this year (Tom, Chris Paluso, Billy, Janet, Andrea, Melanie, Sal, Matt T., Gary, Oliver, the Jessicas, Mikey, Jerome, Mel, Josh Hughes, Matt Pott, Rick Cortez, Javier Guzman, Kevin Dart, Shane Corn, Walley Wingert,Christine, Adrian, Alex, Shawn & the "Bat Family", Ruby & Jenn, & Billy, Catherine, Guenevere, Gabrielle, Camille & Hampton). I also want to thank all my returning friends who, even though I don't remember all your names, I recognize your faces when you stop by the table to check for new airplanes or fantasy art. Thanks!

As fans of my table know, my artwork is a compilation of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Aviation. One of my favorite things about exhibiting my aviation artwork is meeting the pilots/crew members/or relatives that lived through this era and hearing their stories. It happens at the Con each year.
This year I met the grandson of WWII Flying Tiger pilot Frank Lawlor, Lindsy Lawlor. He stopped in and bought several of my aviation prints and shared stories about his grandfather who he resembles.I also met the nephew of a WWII B-17 Waist gunner from the "Bloody 1ooth" bomb group of the 8th AF who told me several stories that had been passed down to him about his great uncle.
And I met the granddaughter of WWII & Vietnam ace Robin Olds who was kind enough to share her stories as well.
My aviation art holds a special place in my heart. I am an amateur historian of WWII aircraft and read anything I can get my hands on, not only for reference material, but a love of the subject as well.
My aviation art is available in bookmarks, buttons, large prints, stickers and coasters. My wife pointed out that I haven't drawn any new planes in awhile. So I'll add that to my list of things to do before next year's Con.

What I did debut this year from an aviation standpoint, was my print entitled, "Keep 'Em Flying". I had this in the art show upstairs and it sold out at the table. It was very popular and once it sold out, fans bought the button version. The original concept for this piece started out as a contest submission for a university that was looking for t-shirt art that would resemble aviation nose art with a pin-up girl. I ended up being the artist they chose. Then I adapted that original piece into the print that was on display this year. I utilized a 40's color palette which really makes the piece "pop".
Katie and Elizabeth began the day doing time in Room 6B as they waited for "The Office" panel. Unbeknownst to me, the entire cast of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" was in the panel presiding the office and Elizabeth managed to get photos of them. This show is a family favorite at our house so I was extremely jealous.
I have saved the highlight of today for the very last tidbit. I had a conversation with a gentleman from Columbia Pictures who is interested in obtaining some of my aviation artwork for set dressings for Columbia! What a great way to end the day. In addition, a good friend of mine, Chris Paluso, had a very productive conversation with Lucas Arts & Topps. Chris is an excellent artist and wowed them with his portfolio.You can view some of his art on his myspace page(

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