Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Comic Con 2008: Preview Night!

Wow! Comic Con is finally here. It's like Christmas in July. Tonight's crowd was amazing and our little corner of the Con did the
best it's ever done for opening night (thanks to everyone that stops by every year to check in and buy the new goodies!). There was a lot of interest in the buttons which are new; not just mine but my daughter's as well (see .
Another new item was the debut of my comic, Saucer Girls: Peril on Planet Earth! I am really excited to see how it goes over. I invested a lot of blood, sweat and time to get this ready in time for the Con. My two space aliens, Jean and Aileen, crash on our little planet and run into a human friend. What a labor of love comics are. You don't realize that until you create one. All that effort and then it is read in minutes. I hope everyone enjoys it. I had a blast making it. It began as a project in my weekly art class at Neko Press (

My goal is to produce a new issue every year. Next Con, Rokbot, a DRB original robot of questionable background and proportions, will come on the scene in issue #2, so call me out if he doesn't.

I also have 2 new prints featuring Jean and Aileen. They are upstairs in the art show too.
Speaking of Rokbot, you can get him on a t-shirt this year. (He always sells out in sticker form so get yours early).

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