Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comic Con Thurs 7/22 aka Star Trek Day

Star Trek Fleet Officer Dan and Wendy (modeling Ninja shirt)

Liz, Dan, Marissa

You have to refuel, even in space

My mom and Dad, Sherm and Vonnie, with Officer Dan

Teri, Bob and Dan

Winner of the "the Crime Fighter Special": James Sorenson

Gotta love the Evil Queen

Dan's second year getting to dress up as an infamous "red shirt". He had even more fun this year, if that's possible. There was a staged "scuffle" in the upper deck of the con with some rascaly Klingons. The fleet officers cleverly dispatched the ruffians because con officials asked the klingons to secure their weapons, whereas our group's phasers were untethered. Ha! Unfortunately Dan, being the token red shirt, was zapped in the fray.
To add to the fun, a film crew was at the con filming a documentary, "Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's New Hope" by Morgan Spurlock ("Supersize Me" fame) on the con and it's inhabitants. Our group of fearless heros were escorted over to the Marriott to be part of the film. Watch for Dan on the big screen! The Starfleet group also captured their likenesses in 3D at a booth that specializes in 3D photos.
In addition we had our wonderful niece Marissa and my parents come visit us.

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