Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comic Con 7/24 Saturday



A bunch of Harley's (note Doctor version in center)

Harley's joined by PI's and Jokers

The artist and the happy messenger bag owner

Greg, Marissa and Dan

The Queen of Hearts

Zorro (Scott), Cat Nun (Vicki), Mary (Terri), Shazam (Bob)

Wonder Women

Tinkerbell and Jasmine

the proud owner of our "Pigs are Friends not Food" tote

Rokbot Prize Package Winner: David Breaux

Lila and Zap Brannigan in the flesh

Dan had a lot of fun today. He did an original commissioned "Rokbot" on a fan's messenger bag. Not only did he pull that off, he did it alone (running the booth and drawing, because I had gone upstairs to listen to author China Mieville's panel) on a Saturday, one of the busiest days of the con.
This was also the day a producer from Go Gamma Gamma, Nickelodeon Jr fame, came by, bought some art and gave Dan his business card and mentioned they have a segment on featured artists they may contact him about.
We had Marissa and her boyfriend Greg with us as well, rounding out our merry group. Pasta later and "watch out for that stop sign Aunt Wendy!"

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