Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pearl and Sunbeam Arrive at Cosmos!

Cosmo's Coffee Cafe (8278 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91941) was kind enough to have me back this year for another 3-month exhibit. My "Tiki" collection will be up on their hallowed, aromatic walls from April-June.
I started the Tiki art last spring when we were redesigning our back room with a "tiki" vibe. We were inspired by Mainlander's, a tiki mega-warehouse (6195 University Ave., San Diego, Ca 92115) right in our own backyard. My tiki art started with some Tiki statues, then grew to include "Pearl", the dancer and "Sunbeam", the spy.
Then we visited Alaska in June and were awe-struck by the totem art. So you may see something inspired by that trip one day.

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Jamie Baker said...

man, I loved my trip to Alaska. That was along time ago... maybe 1994. have to get back there someday.